Your Resource Guide to Moving to Virginia

Published on 4/17/2023

Are you planning a move to Virginia and wondering how on earth you will accomplish moving all your belongings over when you live on the other side of the country? Well, not to worry! With a little planning and some help from Hometown Storage, you can get your boxes packed for your big move!

Decide Where to Move

Virginia offers a high quality of life, complete with picturesque landscapes and rich cultural history. From the pristine beaches of Virginia Beach to the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, this state boasts an array of natural beauty that is sure to impress. In addition, the state's top-notch educational institutions and thriving job opportunities make it an ideal location to settle down and raise a family.


With a great blend of urban and rural areas, Virginia has something for everyone. From the bustling metropolitan area of Northern Virginia to the peaceful countryside of Central Virginia and the historical sites of Richmond and Williamsburg, there is never a dull moment in this diverse state.

Moving a Business with You?

If you've chosen to relocate because you believe your business would benefit from being in this area, then you might be happy to know that Lynchburg is a thriving hub for young professionals.


If you already have an LLC, then you’ll need to look into how to start an LLC in Virginia because of the registration laws that apply here. You can complete the paperwork yourself or work with a formation agency to make the change.


Looking to network with other like-minded young or senior professionals? The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance is a good place to start to meet people in your area. You can also connect with the local Chamber of Commerce, which regularly hosts networking events.

Get to Know Your New Town

Lynchburg, VA offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. Start off with a visit to the historic downtown area where you can explore restaurants, local shops, and art galleries. For outdoor enthusiasts, Blue Ridge Parkway and Peaks of Otter are nearby and offer scenic hiking trails and breathtaking views.


While you’re new to the area, learn about Lynchburg's history at the Lynchburg Museum or take a tour of the Old City Cemetery. Finally, don't forget to check out the local wineries, including White Rock Vineyards and Winery, located just outside of town.


If you’re looking for a safe place to store some of your belongings while you get settled, then contact Hometown Storage. They offer a wide variety of sizes and 24/7 online information about their available rentals.

Enjoy all that Virginia has to Offer

If you’ve been considering a move to Virginia, then Lynchburg should be top on your list of places to consider. Not only is the business environment growing, but you’ll find a high quality of life that you – and your family – can enjoy. So plan a visit to Lynchburg and get to know your new town!